R/bigchungus has been banned

BHJ "The Home of Big Chungus"
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R/bigchungus has been banned

Post by NetwideRogue »

But there is always forum.bigchung.us
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Re: R/bigchungus has been banned

Post by Tree_Tape »

Do you think that this place could effectively replace /r/BigChungus? It would be interesting to see this place grow, I'm thinking we could make more money off of BHJ Premium and perhaps some T-shirt tie-ins? Maybe adorned with our mascot Big Chungus or some funny quotes/catchphrases from our biggest users, something people would only get if they frequented this forum, like Zane's popular "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?" for example. This could really expand our "business" side and really make us pioneer tech businessmen.

Maybe even in the future we could start a Kickstarter for an indie game starring our power users and Big Chungus as playable characters, eh?
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Re: R/bigchungus has been banned

Post by Farts_guy_1 »

They banned Big Chungus?

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